The sound of celestial choirs… the shadow of wings… a flash of white light… and riding on the clouds of heaven—— POOF! ——He appears!
—And he’s not quite what you expected.

Children and adults will be delighted as all the parts of the Christmas story are tied together for the first time: from the light of Creation … to the manger in Bethlehem …from the story of Saint Nicholas… to the secret of the Christmas Angel himself!

Runyeon’s comically imperfect angel-in-training arrives with a crash—from Brooklyn. He is the Angel of Advent, sent to prepare the way for the coming of the Christmas Angel.

And he is not the only one who is “in training.” The audience, he says, must also be trained—so they can play their part in the Christmas story.

They need eyes that can see the glory…and ears that can hear the music… and hearts that can trust, if they are ever to know the secret of Christmas….

So he retells the entire story of the Bible from the angels’ point of view, recapping the Old Testament as only an angel can—in 10 minutes. He says it is the story of light coming into the world:

The story begins with light being created in the beginning…

Then, when humanity falls into darkness, the story continues with a new kind of light given to Grandpa Abraham, King David, and his descendants:

“Not light out there… but a new kind of light… in here… by trusting when you hear His Voice…”

And the story climaxes when the Angel Gabriel comes to Mary…

As the story unfolds, all the kids and quite a few adults from the audience suddenly discover themselves center stage, helping to bring the story of Christmas alive in ways they never thought possible.

And the final half story? Oh, it starts with St. Nicholas, and it ends with…

—but that’s a secret.
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