Few parts of the Bible are as famous as the Sermon on the Mount. It includes the Lord’s Prayer, the Golden Rule… But did you know: it also includes a story?

Runyeon sets the famous Sermon in a revealing new setting: as told by the apostle Matthew to the church in Antioch, shortly after the Roman army has burned Jerusalem to the ground…

In this dramatic setting, suddenly the lines heard so often have new meaning. And the very human stories of the people which Matthew may have addressed come to life:

There are the livestock merchant, the silk trader, the Deacon who just can’t stop talking, the seamstress who spends all her money on her clothes, and many others…

As Runyeon moves around the church, retelling the sermon, there is surprising humor and very powerful drama.

In the end, all those present have the sense that this sermon is about them, in some mysterious way… that they, too must decide, as did the crowd on the mountain, what they will go do now … for they have their own part to play in this “story.”

The performance of the SERMON is often followed by:


Frank discusses, with humor, the very different beatitudes the media are teaching us, and the choices we face daily as Americans and as people of faith.

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Alternately, usually as part of a mission (A JOURNEY TO JOY  or THE STORY OF FAITH), the performance of SERMON ON THE MOUNT can be followed by a 30-minute CONVERSATION WITH THE ACTOR. Frank reflects on God’s Word as a spoken event, and the challenge we each face to have “ears to hear it” and become more deeply a People of Light. He takes questions from the audience, then concludes the evening by telling very moving stories from his own faith journey.

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