“An actor’s day in Hollywood starts just like yours: We get a sheet of paper with new words to learn! But often, we don’t understand what those words mean… so we have a coach to help us. –Will you be my Hollywood coach today?”
So begins a fun adventure for kids into the best script of all: Scripture!

Together, Frank and his young coaches explore some words he has to act this week, from the Gospels of Matthew and Mark:

“Do you like riddles? Well, here are two riddles that Jesus tells in the SERMON ON THE MOUNT…”

“You are salt. Hmmm, what could that mean?… What do we put salt on? Our books? Our shoes?”

Amid squeals of laughter, and an ocean of hands of eager volunteers, Frank guides the kids through selected riddles and stories …

“The great thing about Scripture is that there is always more to learn about what these words mean!”…

Finally, Frank gathers eager volunteers to act out a story from the GOSPEL OF MARK.

“God knows it’s hard for us to be salt and light sometimes… So there’s a story in Scripture about that, too!…

“It’s a story about a birthday party, and a king, and a queen! Who wants to come to my birthday party?”

Now even teachers join in the fun.

“And she twirled once, and she twirled twice, and she twirled thrice!…”

Amid the laughter, Frank concludes:

“We are all actors, did you know that? In the story God is writing, right now. And Scripture tells us the part we’re called to play. So let’s go play our part!”

Frank salts the kids with invisible salt, as they all stand and sing to their King, concluding:



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