“Didn't I tell you…
if you believed…you would see the glory of God?“

From the wedding at Cana to the raising of Lazarus…Signs of astonishing power…
And a call to deeper faith.






SIGNS is a one-man play, staged with dramatic lighting and entertaining audience interaction. Its text is the first eleven chapters of the Gospel of John, translated into contemporary American speech.

As characters and settings and lights constantly shift, the Gospel engages the audience’s imaginations, surprises them with flashes of humor, and drives relentlessly forward with all the dramatic suspense you would expect from great theater.

                                SIGNS IS EVANGELISM

Every Christian has wondered what it would have been like: to have been there, in Galilee, and met Jesus… SIGNS is an effort to help those in the audience have that encounter.

How? By doing exactly what the evangelist John did: by telling the story in the present tense, here and now, from beginning to end, in everyday language—and by making the audience members part of the action…

Audience members are addressed individually as the actor roams the room…

They are invited to “come and see.”   They become part of the crowd witnessing the signs... 

They are healed, given bread, and challenged to believe…

By the time the last candle is blown out, each audience member has a sense that they are part of the story that God is writing—not simply spectators. That Jesus is a very real Presence among them.

And they have been called not only to witness these signs, but to respond to the Word they have heard, like Lazarus, by becoming a sign of that Life themselves.

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powerful …thought-provoking.”

St. George Church, Clifton Park, NY

“A very, very thrilling show! We had a fantastic reaction from all who attended. Beautifully done!…Very touching…”
Visitation Church, Johnstown, PA

Orchard Lake Presbyterian , OL, MI

“Absolutely outstanding... Brilliant characterizations and faithful to the text...”
Trinity Episcopal Church, Moorestown, NJ

“Countless numbers of people were touched... The pinnacle of our year of study... Folks are still talking!...”
St. John's Church, Waynesboro, VA

“Powerful …”
Grosse Pointe Memorial Church, GP, MI

“Faithful and inspiring!”
St. James Church, Jackson, MS

“A spellbinding encounter with the life of Jesus…. perfect for all generations… enlightening… moving…. Don't miss it!”
St Cecilia Church, Wisconsin Dells, WI

New Life Series, Washington, D.C.

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