JOY ...   LIGHT  ...  FAITH!

Our very popular 3-day missions have been hosted by hundreds of parishes across America over the past twenty years, garnering rave reviews (see the list to the right).

Each mission highlights a different theme from Scripture: JOY, LIGHT, or FAITH.

The plays are great for the whole family, with a perfect balance of drama and humor. They can be hosted any time of year:

  • as a Lenten mission
  • a fall kick-off event (great for Faith Formation)
  • an Advent mission
  • part of an anniversary year celebration
  • a multi-parish mission, or
  • an ecumenical community event.


If you have a school, Frank will perform for your kids for free: SALT & LIGHT (a 40-minute children's comedy) as part of a 3-day mission.

The three available missions are summarized below.

(For a more detailed description of each night, click on each play's name or icon.)


                     A JOURNEY TO JOY

New for 2019: responding to Pope Francis' call for

            "a new ...evangelism ... marked by... joy,"

JOY  is a 3-day mission, following a natural progression:


The First Night


We join Jesus on the journey to Jerusalem as he tells some of the most famous stories ever told. Staged with theatrical lighting and fun characterizations, LUKE: STORIES ON THE ROAD points us to where the real joy in life is to be found.


The Second Night


Jesus proclaims the joy of the Beatitudes in the most famous speech ever given: the SERMON ON THE MOUNT.  

The evening concludes with CONVERSATION WITH THE ACTOR.   Frank reflects on the first two nights' experience of God's Word as drama, as a Word addressed to us personally, here and now, calling us to a life of joy. He takes questions from the audience, and concludes the evening with personal stories from his own faith journey.


The Third Night


The final night, in HOLLYWOOD vs. FAITH, Frank takes an honest and very funny look at "The Three Other Beatitudes" of the media, those voices and images that greet us all the minute we walk out the church door--or turn on our cell phones--calling us to a very different kind of joy. He shares stores from his years in Hollywood, helping us to see the bends in the funhouse mirror. He encourages us to enjoy what is good in the artistry of the media, but to see the distortions in their picture of life, and journey on... to a life of real joy.


(A JOURNEY TO JOY may be abbreviated to 2 nights by combining SERMON and HOLLYWOOD on the second night.)



                LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Perfect for the darker months of the year, from November thru March...  Many parishes have hosted LIGHT for Advent--or Lent.

The mission is usually 2 nights, but may be expanded to three:

                                        The First Night

SIGNS: THE GOSPEL OF JOHN -- The story of what God has done in Jesus....i.e., Light has come into the world.  All the drama and power of this beloved Gospel are brought to life in a spellbinding performance, ending in the raising of Lazarus, and a call for us to become a sign of new life ourselves.

                                      The Second Night

THE LETTER OF JAMES--Having heard God's Word spoken into the world, James asks, what are we going to do?... He offers his wisdom, to a church full of real characters...

Frank concludes with stories from his own life helping us to see ourselves in the stories of JOHN and JAMES.  He offers some simple suggestions of how we might know the joy of becoming a People of Light.

( LET THERE BE LIGHT may be expanded to 3 nights by adding THE 3 1/2 STORIES OF CHRISTMAS, LUKE, or HOLLYWOOD vs. FAITH. Call to consult.)


                THE STORY OF FAITH

THE STORY OF FAITH is a 3-day mission that features the Gospel of Mark, similar to A JOURNEY TO JOY, but with an emphasis on the Passion. It is very appropriate for Lent, or for a mission during the lectionary Year of Mark.


The First Night


The story of what God has done in the life of Jesus, a deeply-moving performance of AFRAID!: THE GOSPEL OF MARK, ending in darkness and candlelight, with the community singing Be Not Afraid.


The Second Night


Jesus call us us to play our part in the story of faith--in Matthew's SERMON ON THE MOUNT

The Sermon is followed by a Conversation with the Actor.  Frank reflects on the first two nights, our experience of God's Word as drama, and the importance of hearing Scripture in a deeply personal way, as stories about our lives now.  He takes questions from the audience, and concludes the evening with personal stories from his own faith journey.

The Third Night


The final night, HOLLYWOOD vs. FAITH, Frank takes a humorous but also deeply challenging look at the story that we are actually living, the struggle we face daily as Americans to live lives of real joy in the middle of a media-centered culture.

He concludes the mission with a call for us to enjoy what is good in the artistry of the media, but not to center our lives so much around their storytelling. He offers several simple suggestions of how we might come to know the joy of playing our part in the story of faith.

(THE STORY OF FAITH may be abbreviated to 2 nights or extended to 4.  Call to consult.)


While Frank is in town performing a mission at night, he often visits schools during the day:

  • to perform SALT & LIGHT for Grades K-4
    (a 40-minute children's comedy)

  • to speak to Grades 5-8 about HOLLYWOOD vs. FAITH
    (a 40-minute version, geared specifically for Grades 5-8)

Be sure to contact other churches and schools in your community, who may wish to take advantage of Frank's being in town, to host a performance at their school—or perhaps, even co-host one of the evenings of JOY, LIGHT, or FAITH!

(If you are not sure which mission or which theme might be best for your parish, give us a call.  We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.)

For more information on hosting  JOY, LIGHT, or FAITH... CONTACT US x 

The following churches have hosted a mission recently.

Call them for their reviews:

      For additional references

   by state, go to: REFERENCES

Denise Pressley, DRE - St. Anastasia

     St. Augustine, FL - 904-471-5364
Bernadette Scalese - Sacred Heart

     Waltham, MA - 781-899-2833
Fr. Michael, Patricia M. - St. Theresa

     South Hadley, MA - 413-532-3228
Deacon Dave Camden - St. Simon

     St. Louis, MO - 314-277-4416
Fr. Mike Clark - Blessed Mother

     Owensboro, KY - 270-683-8444
Fr. John Batykefer - St. Patrick

     Canonsburg, PA - 724-745-6560 x 12
Fr. Ted or Kathy Mattson - St. V de Paul

     Mays Landing, NJ - 609-625-2124
Fr. Ian Williams- Sacred Heart

     La Porte, IN - 219-362-2815
Fr. Jim Shea - St. Gerard Majella

     San Antonio, TX - 210-533-0161 x2
Fr. Owen Korte - Holy Trinity

     Hartington, NE - 402-254-6559
Fr. Greg or Linda - St. Margaret Mary

     Omaha, NE - 402-558-9119
Fr. Guy Noonan - OL of Good Counsel

     St. Augustine, FL - 904-824-8688
Barb Morgan - Immaculate Conception

     Dardenne Prairie, MO-636-561-1974
Fr. Nick Zukowski, Sr. Pat - St. Martin

     Warren, MI - 586-264-7515
Fr. Tom, Mary Ann Keiner-OL of Grace

     Noblesville, IN - 317-773-4275 x 231

Fr. Jim Shea - St. Gerard Majella

     San Antonio, TX - 210-533-0161 x2
Fr. Mike Miller - St. Margaret Mary

     Chino, CA - 909-591-7400
Msgr. Vaugha or Kathy - St. Catharine

     Holmdel, NJ - 732-842-3963 x13

Joan Boutros - St. John & St. Mary

     Chappaqua, NY - 914-238-3260 x110

Fr. Charles Viviano - Resurrection

     Lakeland, FL - 863-644-0585
Sister Joyce - Our Lady of Pompeii

     Lancaster, NY - 716-683-6522 x103

Fr. David Hulshof - St. Vincent de Paul

     Cape Girardeau, MO - 573-335-7667
Lynn Sale or Pastor - Holy Infant

     Durham, NC - 919-383-2802

Fr. James Steffes - St. Augustine

     Austin, MN - 507-437-4537

Renee Bhatia, DFF - St. Thomas More

     Kansas City, MO - 816 - 942-2492

Fr. Keith Streifel - St. Joseph

     Dickinson, ND - 701-483-2223
Fr. Jeffrey Maassen - Our Lady

     Festus, MO - 636-937-5008  
Nancy or Fr. Flynn - St. Matthew

     Southborough, MA - 508-485-2285
Lindsey Vander Wielen - Holy Angels

     West Bend, WI - 262-334-3038
Anita Devord - St. Thomas More

     Appleton, WI - 920-739-8172

Fr. Jim or Jan, YM – St. John Vianney

     Bettendorf, IA – 563-332-7910 
Laura Fell or Fr. Ron - St. Richard

     Racine, WI - 262-637-8374
Betsy Diskin or Fr. Derosier, St. Mary

     Ayer, MA - 978-772-2414
Mary Strojny, YM - Holy Family

     Endwell, NY - 607-785-4581
Sr. Joan Miller - St. Vincent de Paul

     Shelbyville, IN - 317-398-4028
Sr. Donna - Immaculate Conception

     Brookfield, MO - 660-258-2507
Fr. Dan Gartland - Holy Spirit

     Fishers, IN - 317-849-9245 
Fr. Jerry Gamrot - Holy Face

     Great Mills, MD - 301-994-1205
Kathy or Msgr. Bridges- St. Stephen

     Midland, TX - 432-520-7394
Judy Clark - St. Mark

     Plano, TX - 972-578-9583 
Andrea, DRE or Pastor - St. Stanislaus

     Pleasant Valley, NY - 845-635-1700 
Cris Wensel, DRE - St. Louis

     Pittsford, NY - 585-586-5675
Fr. Neil Kookoothe - St. Clarence

     N. Olmsted, OH - 440-734-2414 

Susan Bridgforth - St. Peter

     Jupiter, FL - 561-575-0837

Fr. Wymes, or Terri, DRE - St. Timothy

     Chantilly, VA - 703-378-7461

Fr. Richard Yagesh - Holy Child

     Bridgeville, PA - 412-221-5213

Julie Friebel - Sacred Heart of Jesus

     Shelby, OH - 419-342-2797

Donna Allan - St. Mary

     Swormville, NY - 716-688-9380

Darlene Bednarz - St. Philip Neri

     Twinsburg, OH - 330-425-8141

Rob Saley or Fr. Matt - St. Jude

     Oshkosh, WI - 920-235-7412

Mary Kaleta - St. Robert Bellarmine

     Burbank, CA - 818-846-3443

Paul Vance - St. Mark the Evangelist

     San Antonio, TX - 210-435-6211

Fr. Terry Rasmussen - St. Joseph

     New Hope, MN 763-544-3352

Fr. Dennis or Michelle - St. Stephen

     Oak Creek, WI  414-762-0552

Teresa Neuman, DFF - St. Patrick

     Inver Grove Hts, MN - 651-455-6624

Fr. Chuck Slisz - St. Christopher

     Tonawanda, NY - 716-692-2660

Deacon Lincoln - St. Rose/St. Mary

     Clintonville, WI - 715-823-3416

Michele Meny, Adult FF - St. Francis

      Grapevine, TX - 817-481-2685

Sr. Kate - St. Michael the Archangel

      Troy, NY - 518-283-6110

Ann Lensmire, DRE -St. Francis

     Manitowoc, WI - 920-684-3718 X105

Mary Fitzgerald, Fr. Judge - St. Martin

      Buffalo, NY - 716-823-7077

Christine Meugniot - St. Louis de M.

     Santa Maria, CA - 805-937-8363
Fr. Brian or Maria,,DRE -
MPH of Mary

     Topeka, KS - 785-272-4727
Fr. Paul Kochu, Pastor - St. Luke

     Palm Harbor, FL - 727-786-3648
Sharon Pawula, DRE - St. Mary

     Buffalo Grove, IL - 847-537-9458
Peg Bowman - Sacred Heart

     Marengo, IL - 815-568-7878
Colette Leyland - OL of Perpetual Help

     Toledo, OH - 419-382-5511
Terry Pruet - Holy Infant of Prague

     Trussville, AL - 205-655-2541 X 102
Fr. Rick - St. Bernard

      Rockville, CT - 860-875-0753
Fr. Huffman – St. Joseph

     Ironton, OH – 740-532-0712
Margaret Barouski – St. Joan of Arc

     Lisle, IL – 630-353-4528  

Rhonda Lomonaco - Holy Redeemer

     Jenison, MI - 616-669-9220 X 1101

Staff – St. Benedict the Abbot

     McMurray, PA – 724-941-9587

Nancy - Columbia Presbyterian

     Vancouver, WA - 360-695-8589

Carolyn Steinfeldt - Zion Lutheran

      Sandusky, OH - 419-625-2112

For additional references by state, go to: REFERENCES

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