January 21, 2019


The most practical New Testament text springs to life, as James visits a house church filled with real characters to share his wit and his wisdom.


A spellbinding performance set in the catacombs of Rome, enlivened by flashes of humor and ending with a deeply moving Passion… acclaimed by critics and scholars for over 20 years.


Kids and teachers get caught up in the fun of bringing the script of “Script-ure” to life… featuring riddles from the Sermon on the Mount, a birthday party from the Gospel of Mark, and a final sing-along, “I’ll be salt for you, not pepper–kachoo!”


The famous parables that Jesus told on the road to Jerusalem … as you’ve never heard them! Filled with humor and punctuated by insightful personal reflections… An entertaining and eye-opening evening that helps us to “have ears to hear” these stories in a new way: as stories addressed to us personally… about our lives, here and now.


A comical angel-in-training arrives with a crash, to tell the glorious story of light coming into the world from the angels’ point of view… a joy-filled comedy with music, which many churches have hosted two or three times.


Everyone is hotly debating the influence of the media today… But few people are speaking a language that captures the attention of youth and adults, sheds new light—and ignites laughter… Frank Runyeon admits he has always felt torn between the…


The most famous speech ever given, including the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Golden Rule…in a setting that brings the text to life and speaks to audiences of all ages.


Responding to Pope Francis’ call for “a new evangelism marked by joy,” our very popular 3-day missions have been hosted by hundreds of parishes across America, garnering rave reviews. Each mission highlights a different theme from Scripture: JOY, LIGHT, or…